From Overdose to Hope: Paris’s Story

Paris first tried heroin when he was 18. “Me and my friends were trying to get into the drug game,” he said. “We could go to the club and see all the big boys and try to emulate them: jewelry, cars, and drugs.” The “big boys” would sniff heroin and cocaine, he said. One night, […]

UPDATE: CARITAS Furniture Bank Has Moved

UPDATE: CARITAS has signed a lease for a new warehouse space in Richmond at 1108 Gordon Avenue. Here are a few things to note: Please deliver donations of furniture and household items to our temporary location at 1108 Gordon Avenue.  Please call ahead before you drop them off: (804) 358-0964 Ext: 401. Temporarily until the end of […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Susan Carminucci

Susan Carminucci Title: AmeriCorps Program Manager What that means: I have the privilege of working beside awesome people who have a heart for serving the most vulnerable in our community. CARITAS is a place where AmeriCorps members GET THINGS DONE and make a difference EVERY DAY! Background: Having lived (happily) in the Richmond suburban bubble […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Sean Fournia

Sean Fournia Title: Certified Peer Recovery Specialist/Peer Mentor Supervisor What that means: I am a person in long-term recovery from Substance Abuse. I am certified by the state of Virginia to help others find a path to recover, to help reduce Stigma against substance abuse disorders and help connect others to resources that reinforce recovery. […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Rodney Green

Rodney Green Title: Warehouse Worker What That Means: I work alongside AmeriCorps members and volunteers to provide the shoppers with furniture and then deliver them to the client’s homes. Collect donations to be assessed, sanitized, and then organize the floor in preparation for clients to shop. In addition, we pick up donations from the community […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Nicholas Brunke

Nicholas Brunke Title: AmeriCorps Transition Peer Mentor What that means: In March of 2017 I finished the educational portion of The Healing Place program and made a conscious decision. I felt it would’ve been unnecessary to move on without giving what others gave me….guidance and love. I decided to be a Peer Mentor and as […]