Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at CARITAS

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A dedicated group of CARITAS staff members from all different departments has been quietly and enthusiastically working to create a safe space for all inside our buildings and beyond.

“I’m excited to work for an organization that prioritizes learning, inclusivity, and a willingness to grow,” says Family Resource Coordinator Anna Murphy. “I look forward to the opportunities to expand my own understanding, as well as invite others to join in that journey.”

Anna is one of six CARITAS staff members serving on the JEDI Committee, which stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. They can be spotted with a unique colorful ribbon on their name tags, which allows staff and participants know they are open to talk with about these important topics.

“I hope to make an impact by offering a safe space to talk, improving our culture, and being intentional about making everyone feel that they belong will have a huge impact,” says Furniture Bank Program Manager Sandy Morris.

They’ve been meeting with expert Cheryl Groce-Wright to build new processes, procedures, celebrations, and opportunities to support the goal of using a justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion lens in everything that we do at CARITAS. That includes intentional events and celebrations related to Pride Month, Juneteenth, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Black History Month, and more. 

Fairness is an important core value for me,” says Morris. “I am excited that we are recognizing the values and perspectives of our staff.

Together with support from other staff and experts, CARITAS JEDI committee will help to break down and educate staff members about unconscious bias and create a sense of belonging everywhere you go here while still honoring our spirit of independence!

My hope is that this committee will leave a lasting impact on the caliber of services CARITAS can provide, and that will, in turn, translate to not just an increase in the number of individuals transformed, but the true quality of care,” Murphy says.