239,452 meals a year

109,000 hours of education each year

15,653 nights of shelter

270,000 pounds of recycled furniture/goods


Watch this video to learn about the four CARITAS programs that change lives in the Greater Richmond area.

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What's new at CARITAS

Megan’s story

For years, Leigh and Kent Iberg bore the soul-crushing experience of watching their daughter Megan Smith attempt sobriety, only to relapse almost immediately. “We would go through the excitement of […]

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Sheyka’s story

My name is Sheyka, and I have learned that it means “wisdom and leader of community.” For years I did not use this name. I put on a mask and […]

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Recovery Corps Service in 2023

This fall, CARITAS is proud to announce that we brought on 6 new Ampact Recovery Corps Members, and we serve as their host site for 2023. These dedicated individuals will […]

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Ray Porter Comes Full Circle at The Healing Place

If Ray Porter were to chart the highs and lows of his life, he would pinpoint 2001 as his rock bottom.  “I was homeless and unemployed and fighting heroin addiction,” […]

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