Furniture Bank

The Problem

Nearly 25% of our neighbors in the Richmond area live at or below the poverty level. Even more troubling, the 1 in 3 children are economically disadvantaged in the Richmond region, according to Voices for Virginia’s Children. Both of these numbers are some of the most troubling in the state–the poverty rate across Virginia is 10.7% Many people living in poverty include women escaping domestic violence, individuals and families who have been homeless, elderly persons on limited incomes, people with mental and physical disabilities, refugees, youth and adults recovering from substance abuse, victims of natural disasters, and the working poor. When each person or family is ready for their new home, there are many factors they have to consider: rent, health care, schooling for children, and employment. That means they often don’t have the time or resources to invest in essential household items such as mattresses, bedding, kitchen tables, kitchen utensils, dressers, and more. These items not only help families function successfully, but they provide a sense of dignity and self-worth. These are vital when families or individuals are overcoming a crisis and working toward self-sufficiency.  1 out of 4 people in the richmond area live at or below the poverty level

The Solution

More than 70 different partner agencies in our area work with these community members to help them find their pathways to dignity and stability. They turn to the CARITAS Furniture Bank for help. We are home to the only resource of this kind in Virginia. Each year, we serve between 600 and 800 people. We do this by collecting donations of gently used furniture and household goods from generous community members like you.  We fill our warehouse with these items and create a “showroom.” Here, case managers and their clients “shop” for their new homes with our volunteers. Case managers only refer clients who have met a set of criteria that demonstrates their need. The amount of items the client receives depends on the size of the household and the availability of items at the Furniture Bank. We also offer curbside and in-home delivery for clients for an additional fee.

2,246 people received essential household items from the caritas furniture bank during the 2018-2019 fiscal yearOur Success

When families or individuals are overcoming a crisis, they are vulnerable to experiencing another crisis. Having basic needs met allows them to focus on their challenging road to stability. A good night’s sleep, affordable healthy meals, a place to gather with family are important moments made possible through the Furniture Bank. We know the tangible support we offer changes lives. 
  • 920 adults and 840 children received items from CARITAS during the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year.
  • 92.86% of our “shoppers” said they felt less concerned about how to get essential items that I need for their new home.
  • 94.95% said they felt like their basic household needs were met.
  • 1,020 mattresses distributed helped men, women and children get a good night’s sleep. 
  • 19 of our Furniture Bank clients lost their furniture during house fires. They were referred by the American Red Cross. 
  • During 2019- 2020, we distributed: 
    • Sofas: 610
    • Dining Tables: 496
    • Dressers: 742
    • Lamps: 678
    • Sheets: 1311
    • Mattresses: 1076 
    • Towels: 1224

Location: 2220 Stockton Street, Richmond, VA 23224

How to Receive Furniture

How to Donate Furniture

Have a Client Who Needs Furniture?

As a referral partner, you will be able to assist your client with everything from beds and linens to pots and pans and dishes – all in one easy stop! To apply to become a partner, contact Sandra Morris, the Furniture Bank Program Manager, at (804) 887-1591 or