Partnership Spotlight: VCU

Meet Peter Moffett MD, FACEP Associate Program Director, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University There are roughly 1,500 overdose deaths in Virginia every year.  Related to each death, there are ER visits, treatment and impacts in the workplaces where these men and women work. The medical costs to individuals and the community at large are […]

September is National Recovery Month. So What Does Recovery Look Like, Anyway?

As we approach National Recovery Month, CARITAS Board member and recovery specialist Linda Hancock, FNP, PhD shares her definition of recovery… I have had the privilege of working with people in recovery for the past decade, I know that recovery is something to be admired and respected. From my view “on-the-outside-looking-in,” I believe recovery is […]

David’s Road to Recovery

David remembers taking his first drink. He was 10 or 11. He reached into his father’s liquor cabinet and gave it try. After that, he didn’t touch alcohol again until he was 14. He didn’t know then, but his father was an alcoholic. After his family moved to Pennsylvania, David earned a spot on the […]

From Shelter to CARITAS Staff: Diana Honored for Her Dedication

Diana Thomas’s positivity is infectious. She supports women and families staying in the CARITAS Shelter overnight. She herself once was a guest in the CARITAS Shelter. “Diana uses her experiences to connect with the clients in a deep and meaningful way,” said Director of Shelter Operations Anna Hardin. “Her empathy and compassion for others are […]

Amy Callahan Honored for Housing Women

When Amy Callahan saw an AmeriCorps position opening at the CARITAS Shelter, she said, “I had a sense I was supposed to be here.” At the time, Amy was a recent graduate from Jame Madison University. She began helping CARITAS Shelter clients connect to resources in the community including housing, medical care, and workforce development. […]

Furniture Bank Duo Earns Honor from AmeriCorps

Huey Gordon and Lori Schmiege have been working with CARITAS for nearly 10 years. On May 21, the Furniture Bank duo received the National Service Alumni of the Year award during the Virginia Volunteerism and Service Conference. Both originally joined the CARITAS team as AmeriCorps service members. Today,  Lori is the Furniture Bank Warehouse Manager […]