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CARITAS Recovery Residences

The CARITAS Recovery Residences

We invite men and women at any point during their personal recovery journey to live in one of our safe and affordable apartments. Here in the newly opened CARITAS Center, you will become part of a sober living community that meets the highest state and national standards.  During your time here, we will help you save money, foster independence and make plans for your future.  Our team will connect you to resources that will enhance your support networks, employment opportunities, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

While the CARITAS Recovery Residences are not your final destination during your recovery journey, our purpose-filled and loving CARITAS family will be your friends for life. We look forward to being a bridge along your road to a bright future.

Why choose the CARITAS Recovery Residences?

  • We are Virginia Association of Recovery Residences Certified (VARR). Learn more about the standards for this certification.
  • We are LGBTQ friendly, MAT friendly, and a Level II monitored sober living home housing program.
  • Our rental rates are affordable and competitive. Learn more below.
  • The state-of-the art CARITAS Center is brand new and the apartments will feature all new furniture and amenities. Residents will also have access to high speed internet and a community room. Utilities are included in your weekly fees.
  • Our staff can help you access a variety of resources to support your transition including workforce development, recovery meetings and classes, budgeting support, health care, and more. 
  • Your stay with us is non-bonding. We simply request 30-days notice before your expected departure.
  • You will become a part of a life long community of men and women who will support you during and after your time at the CARITAS Recovery Residences.
  • CARITAS has been working to bridge the gap between crisis and stability for more than 30 years. Our leadership and staff are experts in the fields of homelessness, recovery, workforce development and more. Many of our staff are also in active recovery. They are the best at what they do.
  • The Healing Place is one of our cornerstone programs. The long-term peer-driven residential recovery program guides men and women suffering from substance use disorder toward a pathway to sobriety, employment, and spiritual wellness.  We will apply our expertise, principles and trauma-informed practices to our work with residents in the CARITAS Recovery Residences. 

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Residential Requirements

If you feel you are a fit for the CARITAS Recovery Residences and are prepared to move in, you will be asked to sign a CARITAS Recovery Resident Agreement Form. You will be expected to follow the rules and regulations detailed in our Resident Handbook. You may download it here. Please review these guidelines in detail before making this commitment. 


Upon signing the CARITAS Recovery Resident Agreement Form, the new resident will be responsible for an initial non refundable $300 move-in fee. Our weekly rental opportunities include:

  • One Bedroom, One Bathroom:  $120 per bed in shared room
  • Two Bedroom, One Bathroom: $120 per bed in shared room, $145 per bed in single room
  • Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom: $120 per bed in shared room, $175 per bed in single room with own bathroom

Learn More

We have a simple FAQ document answering questions about the CARITAS Recovery Residences. Download it here.

If you would like to set up a phone screening for our residences, please call our Residence Coordinator at 804.801.5082 or reply by email to

A note about COVID precautions

Please click here to learn about the protocols we are following within the CARITAS Recovery Residences and throughout our programs.