The Healing Place

Todd and Rob, two participants in the Healing Place

What is the Healing Place?

The Healing Place is a long-term peer-driven residential recovery program serving the Greater Richmond community.  Here, our neighbors suffering from substance use disorder carve pathways to sobriety, employment, and spiritual wellness. The Healing Place program includes a workforce development program, a transitional sober living community, and an active Alumni Association to support lifelong sobriety.

We offer services at no cost. Services are currently available for men and will be available for women by early 2020. Learn more about the CARITAS Center.

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The Problem

More than 70,200 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017–this number is double that compared to a decade ago. We’re feeling the impact here in Virginia, especially amidst an opiate epidemic. Last year, we lost 1,213 community members to opioid overdoses and 1,484 to overdoses from all drugs

These numbers continue to rise for a variety of reasons. The moment a person decides to seek help, is a crucial juncture that could save his or her life. Services are not always available, especially if you have a limited income. When adults aren’t able to learn the tools for recovery, they lose employment, wind up in hospitals, and worse. 

the healing place recovery program


  • Though we are currently in the midst of an opiate epidemic, alcohol remains the number one drug of choice for our residents and nationally. 


  • Across the country, 40% of all hospital beds in the United States are used to treat conditions related to alcohol consumption.      

The Solution:

The Healing Place is open 24/7/365 and offers recovery services at no cost. The long-term peer-driven residential recovery program helps our neighbors suffering from substance use disorder carve pathways to sobriety, employment, and spiritual wellness. The program includes a five-week workforce development program (CARITAS Works), a transitional sober living community, and an active Alumni Association. 

For 13 years, THP has served more than 8,000 men. A therapeutic, peer-driven community is the foundation of the 6-9 month long program’s success. Residents lead by example and hold each other accountable as they safely practice a life of recovery.  This community stays with them after they leave. 

  • Data shows that it takes 4-5 years of sobriety for the risk of relapse to fall below the 15% mark, the level of risk that the general population has of developing a substance use disorder over a lifetime. 
  • In addition. Studies show that sober living communities increase sobriety rates to 90% compared to 27% for those who do not live in these communities.  

Our Success

Our programs prioritize people. We believe by helping each person as they are, we can help the community at large. We help our residents become fathers and sons again so they can dream and build brighter futures. Here are a few ways our residents demonstrate success after their time at The Healing Place: 

  • Nearly 70% of our residents are sober after one year of completing the program 
  • Residents find jobs within one month of completing the workforce development component of the program.
  • Because of our program model, we can house and provide recovery services to one man for only $17 a day. 
  • Staff and peers taught 1,144 recovery classes to those in the program.  
  • We offered 416 NA/AA meetings onsite and off site for the community. 


Questions? Contact Stephen Vicoli, The Healing Place for Men Program Manager (804) 230-1217 ext 107.