Build Furniture

richmond volunteer opportunitiesAre you looking to do team-building with your staff at work? Do you like to build furniture? Have any resources for wood, table legs or tabletops? Know how to turn pallets into kitchen tables?

The CARITAS Furniture Bank does not receive sufficient donations of dressers or kitchen tables, so we are looking for your help in finding solutions to help us fill this gap.

Dresser and Table Builds

Dressers and tables are some of the hardest items for us to get, yet are among the most needed items.¬†Help plan a “build” in your community. Plans and wood kits provide opportunities to build at the Furniture Bank or at your site.

Download the Furniture Build Agreement Form.

About the Builds

Building a table or dresser is a great group project! Dining table kits are available for purchase at CARITAS for a certain amount per kit. Instructions and a tools list accompany each kit. Volunteer groups can build them on-site at CARITAS during a scheduled visit or at their own site. Dressers or tables may be purchased online and built at CARITAS or a volunteer group’s site. Typically two to three volunteers take about two hours to build a table.

Contact for more information.