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Welcome to the CARITAS Family Resource Initiative

This page is dedicated to supporting friends and family of loved ones strugging with substance use disorder. Arm yourself with the education, support, and resources to cope with a loved one’s substance abuse and make peace with the past and present. 

Family Education Program

The Family Education Program is a collaborative effort dedicated to providing quality education and support to families of substance users in our community through regular meetings and programs. We are free and open to anyone with an addicted loved one. We meet virtually every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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Family Resource Program

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Find a Support Group Near You

Tap the links below to be directed to meeting local and virtual listings for families and friends with loved ones struggling with substance use disorder.

Recommended Reading

Below is a list of publications that we recommend to learn how to heal and grow alongside your loved ones in recovery.


Other Resources

  • The 20 Minute Guide. This is a practical, compassionate, and effective roadmap for those who are concerned about their loved one’s substance use, or want to learn ways to prevent it.


Coming Events

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