This fall, CARITAS is proud to announce that we brought on 6 new Ampact Recovery Corps Members, and we serve as their host site for 2023. These dedicated individuals will play a vital role in providing support, encouragement, and guidance to those seeking recovery services through CARITAS.

Recovery Corps began in 2018 as a partnership between multiple nonprofits in Minnesota. They have since begun working in communities across the U.S., engaging with organizations like CARITAS with the shared goal of providing peer support, helping local organizations increase capacity, and establishing a career pipeline to prepare individuals who have overcome substance use disorders to work in the recovery and human service fields. 

CARITAS has been working with the Recovery Corps since 2022. We look forward to this new class of community leaders as they not only help strengthen our partnership with this important national organization, but provide those in our community struggling with addiction the support they themselves were able to access thanks to CARITAS’ programs. 

These new members are all individuals who have found their path to healing and recovery, and who now are eager to give back by serving as Recovery Corps Service Members through CARITAS. Below are their names, titles, and a quote that highlights their dedication to service, commitment to those seeking assistance in their recovery, and their passion for CARITAS’ mission:


Michael Masterson – Project Coordinator

“Serving others has made my own personal growth and mental well-being grow exponentially.”


Jeremy Rousey – Peer Navigator 

“I’ve decided to work in recovery because I want to help other addicts battle this disease that seems so cunning and baffling to most.”


Dallas Tolson – Peer Navigator

“I feel like this is a great opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills I need to further my Peer Recovery Specialist career.”


John Harding – Peer Navigator

“I chose to serve specifically with CARITAS because of how they changed my life.”


Kathryn Schmucker – Peer Navigator

Former THPW Peer Mentor

“I believe that this is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the recovery community.”


Greg Anderson – Project Coordinator

THPM Peer Mentor

“…every step of the way, CARITAS has always provided me with all the tools I needed to get back to being the man I always knew I could be.”


Please join the leadership, staff and volunteers of CARITAS in congratulating the new Recovery Corps members.