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After 30 Years, Sur Finds A Life of Hope

Sur has been in and out of active addiction for more than 30 years. He was 10 years old when he first tried marijuana.  He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. His uncle and father were drug dealers. Naturally, he admired and idolized them.  “I really loved school and always excelled,” he said.  As he […]

Interior Design for Good: The CARITAS Center Comes to Life

Flourish Spaces founder Stevie McFadden says her venture into interior design was accidental. Until 2016, she had been flexing her graduate degree in organizational behavior to help improve workplace cultures. As a hobby, she helped friends and contacts redesign and remodel their homes.  “I kept thinking I would have to choose between two seemingly opposite […]

peer mentors office

Peer Mentors Office Gets a Makeover Thanks to Community Partners

Every year, more than a 1,000 men come through the doors of The Healing Place. The success of the program lies in the peer-to-peer model. The pulse of this model comes from the heart of the building, the Peer Mentors Office.  “Here, we track each resident from beginning to end,” says Peer Mentor Supervisor Justin. […]

Meet The Healing Place for Men New Program Manager

Stephen remembers the day he came to The Healing Place: October 11, 2012.  “I was smoking cigarettes outside in the parking lot,” he said. “Security said I couldn’t do that. Eventually I walked through the doors.” That path led him to Program Director Al Jackson’s office.  “Oh, I was expecting you,” Al said.  A board […]

Generous Partnerships Fuel the Healing Place

Everyday at 700 Dinwiddie Avenue, hundreds of men wake up to new beginnings. They shower, they make their beds, they head to class, they work out, they sit down with peer supervisors, they write, they reflect, and so much more. These are just a  few of the activities that make up their days as they […]

A Look at Homelessness Here and on the National Stage

During the past year, CARITAS has provided shelter to 488 people. Each one has a story. Allie Cornell, LCSW, knows this well. She has been working with shelter residents at CARITAS since 2014.  She’s sat down one-on-one with residents of our shelter to help them connect to resources like health care, find housing, and build […]