John at GroundUp

From the “Ground Up”

John first joined the CARITAS family in 2010 when he entered The Healing Place (THP) addiction recovery program.  Before coming to THP, John had struggled with alcoholism starting as early as his teenage years. His addiction created many roadblocks and frustrating false starts throughout his young adult life. He had participated in other treatment programs […]

Laurie and Jordan picture

From a Mother’s Perspective

“Jordan is a brilliant 21 year old, who is one of the hardest working and most caring people a person could meet,” says mother Laurie. Like many moms, Laurie has dedicated as much of her time, heart and faith as she possibly could to raising her child.  When you talk to her, you can feel […]

Deb Gray volunteer pic

The Heart of a Volunteer

Deb Gray More than 15,000 volunteers from 160 congregations around Richmond provide shelter to men, women, and children who are in trouble. These volunteers do much more than provide a place to sleep. They are a bridge for people on their journey back to self sufficiency. River Road Church Baptist has been providing shelter to […]

Montel picture

CARITAS Client Pursues his Master’s Degree

Montel is an only child raised solely by his mother who relied on child support to remain stable. When Montel turned 18, his mother lost this financial support she relied on so heavily.  Shortly after his birthday, Montel became homeless. Montel and his mother found their way to the Commonwealth Catholic Charities Homeless Point of […]