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U-Fab Interiors Hosts Second Annual CHAIRity featuring Local Artists

On November 8, Richmonders will step into u-fab’s showroom on Broad Street after hours. They won’t be shopping for their regular furniture and upholstery items. They’ll be there to discover and bid on one-of-a-kind chairs created by local artists Sterling Hundley, Britt Van Deusen, Diego Sanchez, Susan Iverson, Matt Lively, Michael Birch-Pierce, and Molly Campbell. […]

From THP to the Furniture Bank: Samuel’s Story

If you’ve dropped off a Furniture Bank donation or scheduled a pick up, then you may have met Samuel. He’s a member of our warehouse team and an AmeriCorps service member for CARITAS. “He’s high energy and such a hard worker,” says Warehouse Manager Lori Schmiege.  At 65, Samuel’s enthusiasm is infectious, she says.  “I […]

CARITAS Recovery Month

Five Ways to Take Part in Recovery Month

Around the country, agencies like ours join together for a national observance held every September to educate Americans about substance use, recovery services, and ways to live healthy and rewarding lives. CARITAS and The Healing Place are leading local efforts in the Richmond area.  Our theme: One Day at a Time.  Why this theme? Because […]

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After 30 Years, Sur Finds A Life of Hope

Sur has been in and out of active addiction for more than 30 years. He was 10 years old when he first tried marijuana.  He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. His uncle and father were drug dealers. Naturally, he admired and idolized them.  “I really loved school and always excelled,” he said.  As he […]

Interior Design for Good: The CARITAS Center Comes to Life

Flourish Spaces founder Stevie McFadden says her venture into interior design was accidental. Until 2016, she had been flexing her graduate degree in organizational behavior to help improve workplace cultures. As a hobby, she helped friends and contacts redesign and remodel their homes.  “I kept thinking I would have to choose between two seemingly opposite […]

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Peer Mentors Office Gets a Makeover Thanks to Community Partners

Every year, more than a 1,000 men come through the doors of The Healing Place. The success of the program lies in the peer-to-peer model. The pulse of this model comes from the heart of the building, the Peer Mentors Office.  “Here, we track each resident from beginning to end,” says Peer Mentor Supervisor Justin. […]