AmeriCorps Spotlight: Mark Barbee

Mark Barbee Title: Warehouse Project Manager What That Means: My primary responsibility is to manage the volunteer opportunities that relate to the warehouse workshop, primarily being the furniture builds. Teaming along with volunteers and corporate partners on furniture builds gives me the opportunity to work with the community and serve others who need our assistance. […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Kelvin Batts

Kelvin Batts Title: Warehouse Worker/ Driver What that means: I work alongside the warehouse supervisor to pick up donations to be used in our furniture bank, delivering furniture to our client’s homes, and sort donations as they come into our warehouse. In addition, we set up the warehouse floor for the clients, organize the inventory, […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: John Finley

John R. Finley, MSW Title: Individual Develop Manager What that means: This enables me to communicate with the students during various classes and talk with them on a one on one basis. Background: I’m a native of Upstate New York and moved to The San Francisco Bay Area after high school for military service where […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: James Biel

James Biel Title: Kitchen Peer Mentor Supervisor What That Means: I along with Ms. Jackie run the Healing Place Kitchen. Background: I commenced from Works in September of 2017 and was hired on. My background as a chef has served me well in this role. Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, reading, camping I most want to […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: David Cash

 David William Cash, CPRS Title: Student Coordinator at CARITAS Works What that means: I am a proud and happy member of the CARITAS Works team. We work together to help each person in the Works program discover their individual talents and translate those into marketable workforce skills. Specifically, I work one-on-one with the students helping […]

AmeriCorps Spotlight: Choice East

Choice East Title: Client Support Specialist What that means: I work alongside the program manager, Sandy Morris, processing client referrals so that they are able to utilize our furniture bank. I work with several community partners, such as case workers and their clients to schedule appointments and coordinate with the warehouse to deliver items. I’m […]